Quality. We create and enhance the value of land for the quality of life and living environment. It is not only about aesthetic landscape. When it functions well it could be invisible. It is creating the quality - recalling of what we have been forgotten in our memory. We have them already on the land and in its environment. Landscape Planning and Architecture contribute to make it manifest - what we have missed seeing on the earth.

Realization. Every place has a potential to create better environment. We examine the existing conditions and will bring out the hidden potentials from them. We take a journey with you to the destination for your successful project.

We work with you to organize your land and space (property) in functions and aesthetics with a sustainable manner to make your project successful. It is beyond the physical design. It is conceptualizing, programming, and implementing in only one kind of way for each project.



Collaboration is the important key of success for the project. Once we examine the components of the project we assemble the team members that are required for the project and establish the best team. We work as one team with experts in each field beyond the border of different expertise. Depending on the project the team includes the various professionals such as landscape architects, architects, civil engineers, aquatic engineer, environmental engineer, local landscape architects, architects and civil engineers, theming consultant, economist, environmental engineering, computer graphic animators, lighting and fountain show consultant, show designers, entertainment creators, interactive educational program consultants etc. And, clients are the important team members. We work closely with the clients to make their visions and investments successful and realize in sustainable manner.

We have a wide-range professional network and have a capability to assemble the best team for each project.

Example of Expertise Fields to assemble the team:

  • Landscape Architects & Planners
  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Aquatic Engineers
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Biologists
  • Surveyors
  • Graphic Designers
  • Economists
  • Financial Analysts
  • Themed Concept Consultants
  • Computer Graphics Animators
  • Lighting and Fountain Show Designers
  • Show / Entertainment Designers and Creators
  • Interactive Educational Program Consultants
  • Local Expertise for international Projects, etc.



We provide creative plans and strategies for landscape planning in such categories:

  • Ecotourism, Sustainable / Environmental Planning
  • Resort Destinations, Boutique Hotels, Attractions, Entertainments
  • City Center, Urban Revitalization, Mixed Use Developments, Commercial Facilities
  • Cultural, Educational Institution
  • Corporate, Campuses, Healthcare
  • Residential Communities, Private Residence

We are always willing to go beyond our specialized fields and team up the professionals to lead your project to become unique and make it successful in your vision.

Enhancing the Value

Program of your project or geographic location may differ but our innovation and creativity remains consistent in business practices. We listen to the client very carefully to understand the objectives and transport the client's visions in a reality by customized solutions. We focus on creating value through the design, complete on time within the budget. We think of the design and planning as a long term investment for the client. We believe cultivating the good relationship with the client is important for the successful project.

The Best Team in the World

We collaborate across disciplines building the best team for the client's project. The team we assemble is comprehensive through the professional network across the world. This interdisciplinary approach brings the vitality to adopt the creativity to any program and location of the project.

Sustainability is Caring

We are responsible for sustainable practices in design. Sustainability comes from daily basis caring. We forge strategies for development and synchronize a plan that is both sustainable and economically sound.

Believing in a Strong Vision and Design Concept with Good Management Practices

Creating value is possible in a holistic strategy to optimize assets in a high quality environment. To maximize the returns on the client's investment we help the clients to evaluate the project's goals. There are several ways to begin.

  • Conduct a workshop to create Master Plan or review and audit existing Master Plan to ensure the development plan is utilizing the strengths of the project and capitalizing the best user experience
  • Examine development flexibility and property repositioning strategy to meet the budget parameters and changing market conditions.
  • Facilitates good partnerships between landowners, developers, investors and operators to collaborate with the appropriate professionals in the industry.
  • Incorporate a holistic approach to design considering every aspect of the user experience, operations, and long term maintenance

Design Collaboration Process

Please contact us for our Design Collaboration Process


Projects Experience at EDSA 1998-2010: Each Project Description is available upon request.

  • Khedive's Cairo – Cairo, Egypt: International Competition 2010 (FASLA Design Award Honor 2011)
  • NOVA Oceanographic Center – Hollywood, Florida: Research Center 2010
  • Nova Southeastern University - Davie, Florida: Campus Planning 1998-2010 (FASLA Design Award Honor 2009)
  • University Park Plaza – Davie, Florida: Mixed-use Development 1998-2010
  • Lauderhill Broward Estates Garden Park – Florida: Community Garden 2009
  • Port Ghalib Lagoon - Red Sea, Egypt: Themed Park / Lagoon 2007-2009 (FASLA Design Award Honor 2009)
  • Port Ghalib City - Red Sea, Egypt: Resort Community Master Plan 2007-2009
  • Port Ghalib Maritime Park Complex - Red Sea, Egypt: Master Plan 2007-2009 (FASLA Design Award Honor 2010)
  • Miami Beach 16th Street Improvements - Miami Beach: City Planning 2006
  • Cloud Grove Visioning Workshop – Florida: Community Planning 2006
  • Davie RAC Academical Village District – David, Florida: City Master Plan / Ordinance 2006
  • City of Lauderhill Performance Arts Center – Florida: City Planning 2005
  • Nosy Be Island and Toalagnaro Sustainable Tourism Development Plan – Madagascar: Sustainable Tourism Plan 2005
  • Bay Creek Bay Harbor/ Beach Club - Virginia: Waterfront Resort Community 2004
  • Pine Island Resort - Mississippi: Resort Community Master Plan 2004
  • Nine Dragons Resort and Golf Club - China: Resort Golf Community 2004
  • Country Club Villa - Puerto Rico: Country Club & Community 2004
  • Nankun Mountain National Reserve – Crosswaters Ecolodge - China: Ecolodge Master Plan 2004
  • Ariel Sands Resort - Bermuda: Hotel Renovation 2003
  • Phoneix Seagaia Resort, Miyazaki, Japan: Resort Hotel Renovation 2003
  • Jim & Jan Moran Family Center Village, Mailman Segal Institute For Early Childhood Studies - Davie, Florida: Campus Planning 2002-2005 (FASLA Design Award Honor 2005)
  • Palmas Plantation Villa Site Enhancement – Puerto Rico: Resort Community 2002
  • Nova Southeastern University Library – Davie, Florida: Campus Planning 2001
  • Cayo Largo Master Plan - Fajardo, Puerto Rico: Resort Hotel and Community 2001
  • Southampton Princess Hotel - Bermuda: Hotel Renovation 2000
  • Hamilton Princess Hotel - Bermuda: Hotel Renovation 2000
  • Scottsdale Princess Hotel - Arizona: Hotel Renovation 2000
  • Al Futtaim Dubai Villa Renovation - Dubai: Private Residence 2000
  • Punta Mangle Ecoresort - Dominican Republic: Ecoresort 2000
  • Private Residence – Naples, Florida: Residence 2000
  • Omni Shoreham - Washington, D.C.: Hotel Renovation 1999
  • Boca Raton Resort & Club - Boca Raton, Florida, USA: Hotel Renovation 1999
  • Las Casitas, Fajardo - Puerto Rico: Resort Hotel and Villas 1999
  • Smithsonian Institute - Fort Amador, Panama: Cultural Research Center 1999
  • Janelia Farm Executive Park - Reston, Virginia: Business Park 1998
  • The Rainforest Resort at Pinas Bay - Panama: Ecoresort 1998


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